IPPUS PAPER STRAWS are made specifically for cool drinks. They are suitable for use in hot beverages up to 30 ° C.

In normal use, Ippus Paper Straws last up to 4 hours.

The product decomposes in the environment for 2 to 4 weeks.

Ippus Paper Straws are clearly more environmentally friendly than plastic straws and are considered a more environmentally responsible choice.
They are made of FSC certified recyclable compressed paper. The paper product is made from bleached kraft pulp and natural kraft pulp, with 100% virgin fiber. Elemental chlorine or OBA is not used during bleaching.

The product is recyclable according to standards (EN13430)

It is suitable for energy recovery as it has high calorific value and minimum calorific power according to standards (EN13431).

Yes they are biodegradable. During biodegradation, the product mainly decomposes into carbon dioxide, biomass and water according to standards (EN13432, sections 4.2.2 and 4.3.2).

The decomposition of the product beyond the specifications provided by the company proves that Ippus Paper Straws is an eco-friendly product consisting of 100% virgin paper fibers which is by nature a porous material.

  1. The product complies with the Regulation 1935/2004/ΕΚ
  2. The product complies with the Regulation 2023/2006/ΕΚ
  3. 1907/2006/ΕΚ/REACH Regulation SVHC Listed by ECHA
  4. It complies with the requirements of Article 24 of ΚΤΠ
  5. The product complies with BfR Recom mendation XXXVI, The German Food Law και 31 in der.
  6. Method § 30 and 31 (LFGB) for fatty, liquid and dry foods
  7. Method 56 § 64 (LFGB)


According to the standards:

  1. EN13430
  2. EN13431
  3. EN13432
  4. In accordance with the requirements of Directive 94/62 / EK
  5. Non-toxic water-based inks in accordance with CEPE regulations

Product for direct contact with food according to:


  1. FDA 21 CFR § 176.170.
  2. FDA 21 CFR § 176.180.
  3. FDA 21 CFR § 175.105.
  4. No dangerous substances are present
  5. Phthalates are not included in the paper



ISO 9001:2015

22000:2005 ΜΕΤΑΒΑΣΗ ΣΕ 22000:2018


Ippus Paper Straw
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